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Does the Bible Predict Historic Events?

Unlocking the Bible Codes CD-ROM
"Unlocking the Bible Codes", Version 2, is a powerful program that allows you to search the Hebrew Scriptures for hidden codes without ANY knowledge of Hebrew!

Here's how it works: Type the English word you want to find. The program translates the word to Hebrew automatically, then searches and analyzes the Scripture, returning all hidden messages that contain your word.

Joseph Noah, the author of Future Prospects of the World According to the Bible Code, asserts that messages were encoded in the Bible to provide people with crucial information about the coming end times. Noah meditates to uncover meaningful search terms, which he then plugs into the software "Unlocking the Bible Codes" created by Doko Media .
Your Portal to the world of Kabbalah, the Bible Codes and Gematria

the most complete, advanced, and easy to use computer software designed to explore the surface of the Bible, and research its depths!

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These are some of the near-future events which Noah has already revealed through his Bible Code interpretations:
  • 2004: Beginning of the 7-year "Tribulation Period"
             heralded by a catastrophic event occurring around July 4th
  • 2005: Increased chaos, turbulent weather
  • 2006: Major earthquake in Los Angeles
  • 2011: Asteroids hit Russia and the U.S. causing pole shifts;
             beginning of the "Armageddon" war
According to Noah's calculations, four billion lives will be lost during the "Tribulation Period". The Great War, he explains, will pit a 10-nation Middle Eastern-Asian alliance against the United Nations.

"Unlocking the Bible Codes" features:

  • Hebrew/English synchronized text
  • 70,000 word English-Hebrew dictionary
  • Multi-media tutorial presentation
  • Automatic Hebrew-English transliteration
  • Virtual Hebrew keyboard
  • Multiple search & cross search capabilities
  • Forward/Backward search
  • Powerful database
  • Codes highlighted in bright colors and geometric shapes
  • Import/export results to your friends
  • Color & font customization
  • Print Hebrew/English text
  • Interactive help
  • Self-teaching capability
"Unlocking the Bible Codes" is compatible with:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 95

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Find More Bible Software Products on our New Fresh website

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