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Armageddon. Return of the Messiah Video

Armageddon. The Return of the Messiah VideoArmageddon. The Bible predicts that this is to be the site of the Final Battle between Light and Darkness, where Good triumphs forever over Evil. Visit this fateful spot and see the layers of civilizations that were doomed to destruction.

Site of the final battle between good and evil in the end of days, visit Megiddo and discover its war-torn history and its future promise as the spring of eternal peace and salvation. the holy land, armageddon, armaggedon, Bible, Bible study, Megiddo, pictures Megiddo, planes of megiddo, mt. megiddo, mountain megiddo, har megiddo, valley megiddo, hill megiddo, map Israel, New Testament, Gospels, Christian gift, Bible Land Shop, DVD, Video, Israel, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus messiah, return messiah jesus, return messiah, salvation, redemption, end of days, Christian video, Christian family, teachings Jesus, ministry Jesus, miracles Jesus, the passion, loaves and fishes miracle, stations of the cross, passion of christ, israel history, free gift, Christian, Christianity, Jerusalem, ein karem, sea of galilee, calvary, judean desert, via dolorosa, holy sepulchre, apostles, disciples, temple, bethlehem, nazareth, capernaum, galilee, gethsemane, garden of gethsemane, golgotha, mount of olives, jordan river, last supper, ancient Israel, biblical Israel, doko media

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