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Anne Frank's Diary Video
Seven Keys to Jewish Life Video
Antika Pottery Kits for Archeologists of all ages
Hebrew World CD-ROM
Clear Skies. The Israeli Air Force
Search for the Real Mt. Sinai Video
Journeys of St. Paul Video
Israel in Song Music CD
Our 'Israel - The Land of the Bible' Satellite Map

The Journeys of St. Paul DVD
The Journeys of St. Paul
Join both the physical and the spiritual Journeys of St. Paul.

Click here for more about 'The Journeys of St. Paul'.
Music from God
Music from God 2
Music from God
Hebrew psalms make heavenly melodies of psalm music played by the Hebrew letters themselves!

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Babylon 2007 Babylon - electronic dictionary

The Bible Land shop is proud to introduce: The amazing Babylon
The 2007 electronic edition of the world's best Hebrew/English Dictionary
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History Channel Films History Channel films

1.Israel Birth of a nation
2.Temple in jerusalem
4.King David - poet & warrior
5.The Ten Commandments
6.The Unknown Jesus
7.The Twelve Apostels Movie
8.Herods The Great
10.Mary of Nazareth story

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Unlocking the Bible Codes CD-ROM Unlocking the Bible Codes

The Key to cracking the Bible's hidden secrets on your PC.
Discover past, present and future secrets in the Bible with this easy to use software! Now only $29.95!

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The Keys to the Bible
Your Portal to the world of Kabbalah, the Bible Codes and Gematria
Easy to use computer software designed to explore the Bible, and research its depths!
Now only $59.95 Learn more...

Biblical Hebrew Biblical Hebrew program!
The First and only program!
The new great Biblical Hebrew
The most comprehensive program available for English speakers who plan to learn the Book of Books with ease and joy!
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The Dead Sea Scrolls replica The Dead Sea Scrolls replica
A Certified Archaeology duplicate of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the original Clay jar (reduced size) which is the greatest manuscript find of the twentieth century. Learn more...

Unlocking the Bible Codes CD-ROM Handcrafted PRAYER LAMPS - Our Best-Seller
Worship Oil Lamps from the Holyland. Hand made next to Zion's Gate, close to the room of the Last Supper, and King David's Tomb.
Learn more...

Hebrew Dictionary
Hebrew Study Tools And Digital Dictionaries,
The best Hebrew-English Word processor Dagesh Pro IV, Quicktionary, Franklin Oxford , OxiMate, Biblical Hebrew software , Hebrew-English Keyboards, Jerusalem Dictionary and more Learn more...

Wars of Israel Video The Treasure Hebrew Idioms
Understand and use the most important 500 crown jewels Hebrew Idioms - translated, narrated and explained in English on 2 audio CDs and a 40-page booklet.All biblical references are noted Explanation, translation and slow narration Learn more...

Hebrew Dictionary
Product Of The Year!
The Whole Bible Narrated In Hebrew

On 4 audio CDs (MP3 format)!
The Law, The Prophets, The Writings. (Torah, Neveeim, Ktuvim).
The best Hebrew narration ever recorded with excellent intonation, diction, and accent.
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Holyland Journey Book Holyland Journey - The Book
Take a tour through the land of the Bible and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

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Anointing Oil from Israel
Big choice of the original Anointing Oil from the Holy Land, made from pure olive oil and sent world wide. Annointing with oil is used in the healing and building up of a believer for ministry work.

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Dead Sea Cosmetics
"Zion" art gallery
Dead Sea Cosmetics
AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics
Free Gift with every Purchase
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Jesus Christ Family Tree
Genealogy poster traces lineages from Jesus to Adam & Eve...

The book that shows how the ancient Hebrew letters declare the Gospel!
First Steps in Hebrew Prayer
First Steps in Hebrew Prayer
A book and a CD togetherJew!
Holyland Journey on DVD
Holyland Journey on DVD
Click here for more information.
The Holy Land of Jesus Book
The Holy Land of Jesus Book
Click here for more information.
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